Leaving car, parking, Calenzana


Posted: Sat, Aug 13, 2016, 22:51

I have been wondering if it is possible and safe to drive myself to Calenzana, leave car & some things, walk to Vizzavona, then return by train to Calvi (taxi to Calenzana) to fetch the car.
Not sure if there is a parking at the gite.
Another possibility would be to leave the car at one of the hotels in the village.

What I had done in the past, and what I recommend to others, was to leave car/things at a camping
at Tattone near Vizzavona, then take train/taxi to trailhead at Calenzana.
Then of course, walk the GR towards the car (nice walk from l'Onda to Tattone; in fact, both l'Onda and Petra Piana are reachable from Tattone).
They charge EUR 4 daily for parking & can store other things safely.

I am just researching alternatives to that plan.