from Figaro to Conca on sun sept 4th


Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 9:21

Hi there, reading the previous posts it seems sunday is not a good day to travel and that's the only day easyjet flys!!! Anyway, I have given myself 3 weeks to walk south to north plus travel from figaro at start and back to Ajeccio at end.

Will try and get a bus from airport but sounds like if I can get to Ste Lucie I might be able to be picked up by the Gite d'etape La Tonnelle shuttle if i stay there and start walking on the sunday- do they have a website address. I plan to finish by the 20th sept and so have 5 days left and maybe i could walk a west to east crossing - any one done that direction and end up near Ajeccio. If anyone is travelling towards Conca from Figaro on the sunday sept 4th and wants to share a taxi that would be great but i suspect 90% of folk are walking in the opposite direction - any advice gratefully received, thanks ali

ps can i buy a gas cannister or 2 on a sunday? is it possible to walk the route in sept and rely mainy on huts for food just carrying breakfast and snacks and water.


Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 10:55

You might get a gas cylinder at the gite, at Paliri, or at Bavella.


Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 19:55

I have seen partly used gas cans at the Conca Gite.
Surely it would be an East to West crossing if you want to get to Ajaccio? Now that would mean, for example, getting yourself back down the East coast by bus. Possible to travel part of, perhaps the least interesting, to reach Corte from Moriani using the Mare a Mare Nord route. Train to Ajaccio.
Or travel further down the coast by bus to Travel on the Mare a Mare Centre to get to within a bus or water navette from Porticcio...or if running out of time hitch a lift from the Col St-Georges.
You might easily use up one of you five extra days by getting from Calvi to Bastia.
Another thought is to Get off the train from Calvi at Ponte Leccia and then take the other train (the Bastia to Ajaccio) get off at Corte and then travel the more interesting part of the Mare a Mare Nord finishing at Cargese then bus to Ajaccio. Again if running out of time I think that can still get a bus to Ajaccio from outside the campsite, Acciola on the D70, at Evisa.




Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 20:15

Hi Gaffr, Thank you so much for giving brilliant advice to total strangers like me who cannot even spell the names of the towns and get their west to east muddled up! Having now studied the map i see i fly into Fagari, will get a sunday taxi to Porto Vecchio and hope the gite will pick me up from there, walk south to north mon 21 to tues 20th (15days) and like you say even though i have 5 days i will need to be in Ajaccio on the 24th night and all the slow bus and train connections means i might only have 3 days to walk across. But i am fit and can do 12hr days instead of the 5-6hrs so might finish the GR in less than the 15 days. Will just take it as it comes and depending on the weather and energy levels and hopefully really enjoy it but thanks again for all the suggestions that i have noted down and will keep researching. Thanks ali


Posted: Wed, Aug 24, 2016, 20:42

Hi Ali, la Tonnelle website is
When I was there last year they ran a shuttle to Figari because there were enough people wanting to go there. Might be worth emailing them in case they're planning to do a run on the 4th. Might be worth their while with the easyJet flights departing and arriving.