Refuge/Food Status Req - 9/26


Posted: Thu, Sep 22, 2016, 4:47

Hey Everybody,

A Friend and I are headed to the GR20 on the 26th. Has anyone heard anything about the current status of the Refuges or intent to close soon? We're in a debate on how much food to bring as we've got all the rest covered. Pushing around 33# packs right now so want to keep it light if we can.




Posted: Thu, Sep 22, 2016, 7:10

Hi Ethan,

very good question, I have the same. I had emailed the main Gites and Hotels and know I can eat there and they might sell some cookies and stuff, but I don't count on getting a proper pack of spaghetti at the refuges.

You should definitely keep an eye on water supplies. It seems the winter saw little snow and the summer wasn't too wet, so there's a couple of sources that have been dry in July already. Please see my other post regarding this topic.

Are you going N-S or S-N? I'm starting in Conca on the 25th, trying to get to Calenzana in 6..7 days.



Posted: Thu, Sep 22, 2016, 11:31

You will have no problem getting supplies until the end of September. Things will start shutting down in October, but you might be finished before this becomes a problem. Before you leave a place ask what the situation is ahead, and if you are told that places have closed, stock up to cover for those stages.


Posted: Thu, Sep 22, 2016, 15:11

OntheSocks, We are going to be headed S-N but not starting till the morning of the 27th.

With this news and a response from the national park service:

En période « hivernale », de la fin du mois de septembre au 1 er juin, la partie nuit est accessible, du gaz et des ustensiles de cuisine sont à la disposition des randonneurs.
Sachez que dans les refuges, vous ne trouverez ni eau, ni sanitaire et bien entendu, pas de ravitaillement et de restauration.
Les conditions sont alors plus rudes et obligent les marcheurs à porter des sacs lourds ou, à prendre suffisamment de temps pour aller se ravitailler dans les villages se trouvant en dehors du sentier.
Le Gr20 hors saison estivale exige davantage d’efforts et une condition physique exceptionnelle.
Nous rappelons à tous, qu’il est indispensable de prendre connaissance de la météo avant chaque départ, même si il ne s’agit que d’une sortie journalière.

Basically you have until the 30th and then they are shutting it all down.

Hopefully we'll all make it.


Posted: Thu, Sep 22, 2016, 17:31

Yup, if all goes well, I should be in Calenzana by then.

Here's what various Gites & Hotels etc. told me via eMail when they will close - the first one could be interesting for all those arriving in Conca after September 30:

-Gite La Tonnelle Conca: September 30
-Capanelle / Gite U Fugone: Mid October
-Hotel Castel de Vergio: October 16
-Hotel Casa Alta Vizzavona: December 10
-Hotel Haute Asco: October 10

Gite La Tonnelle is not very responsive via eMail, so you might be better off giving them a call. The Gite at Col de Verde did not reply to various eMail requests, I did not call because I changed plans. If uncertain, please double-check the other places as well.



Posted: Fri, Sep 23, 2016, 16:01

OnTheSocks, you Rock!

Yeah Conca after the 30th is going to be rough for sure but I'm not certain how many will be brave/foolish enough to do it as late as we are.

Thanks for all the research, If you are still in Calenzana we'll drop you a line on here when we wrap up.




Posted: Fri, Sep 23, 2016, 16:23

That'd be awesome, but I guess we're gonna do that next time - I'm flying back home on October 4 already.

The research was kinda necessary cause this time I'll be trying to run as much as I can with reduced gear, so I had to make sure there's water, food an a bed. Did I mention food?!

I guess Conca could rather be an issue for those who are (currently) going N-S. There is a hotel (San Pasquale) as well, but then 80 EUR per night is not exactly low-budget. And even getting from Paliri to Conca can be quite a stretch if this is your last stage, so you probably wouldn't feel like hiking all the way down to Porto Vecchio... ;-)

Have fun and be safe!


Posted: Sun, Sep 25, 2016, 0:10

You too! Goodluck oTs. Look forward to hearing how it went for you.