How late do trains run on Saturdays in summer?

Becky M

Posted: Mon, Mar 6, 2017, 11:49

Hi everyone,

I am flying into Bastia on a Saturday in late August. I plan to catch a train to Vizzavona on Saturday evening to start the GR20 north section on Sunday morning.

The current train timetable is only valid until June, and the latest train on a Saturday from Casamozza (closest station the Bastia airport) leaves at 5:15PM.

I would like to understand the likelihood of there being later train times from Casamozza/ Bastia to Vizzavona on Saturdays over summer. Do they typically put on later trains due to an influx in tourist etc over this period?

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Posted: Mon, Mar 6, 2017, 17:00

That timetable as you have seen is valid until the 25th of just when they will issue the timetable for July and August etc. I don't really know.
I will and maybe others around the Forum could look out an old timetable for that period. I guess that it won't differ too much from year to year?
I wouldn't expect any later trains from Bastia to Calvi even in summer?
Does the 1715 train at Casamozza fit in with your flight arrival or were you expecting there to be a later train.
The bus/train timetable in Corse I think is researched by a private person and there don't appear to be any issued by the companies running the services?
I am fairly sure that there is a later bus from Bastia to Calvi in summer maybe an hour or so later?
Somebody correct me if I am wrong but I think that the bus will drop you off at the airport when coming back up the East coast.




Posted: Mon, Mar 6, 2017, 18:23

I made this Screenshot of the connection:
The 17.14 train seems to be the last one.


Regards, Simon


Posted: Mon, Mar 6, 2017, 21:30

How late do the trains run? Not very late at all really. I think part of the problem is the state of the track, with all its tunnels and blind bends. It's not a track that any train driver would want to take late at night. I was once in Corsica in the winter and used the train when it was dark. It nearly hit a cow once and braked really sharply. Another time it hit a granite boulder, which was more serious and involved a long stop for a wheel inspection. The other problem is that they frequently change the timetables throughout the year. If you're there when it happens, then you pick up timetables on arrival, only to find out they're invalid when you plan to depart.

Bruce the Kiwi

Posted: Fri, Mar 17, 2017, 23:05

We will be based in Calvi with a vehicle and may be able to help with ride shares to Calenzana from 8 to 23 July 2017.



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