GR20 on 3-9 May, some questions


Posted: Thu, Apr 13, 2017, 16:21

Hello everybody,
I am planning a short trek on GR20 from 3.05 till 9.05. It looks like Corte and Vizzavona are good start/end points due to the train connection with Bastia. I would like to start from Corte in order to visit Lac de Nino, hopefully there will be not too much of snow. Here is the basic plan:
3.05 Bastia port - Corte
4.05 Corte - Refuge de la Sega (1166m) ~ 6h
5.05 Refuge de la Sega (1166m) - Lac de Nino (1743m) - Refuge de Manganu (1601m) ~ 8h
6.05 Refuge de Manganu (1601m) - Refuge de Pietra Piana (1842m) ~ 7h
7.05 Refuge de Pietra Piana (1842m) - Refuge de l'Onda (1430m) ~ 5h
8.05 Refuge de l'Onda (1430m) - Vizzavona (920m) ~ 6h
9.05 Vizzavona (920m) - Bastia airport

In case of delays I am planning to detour after Pietra Piana towards Vivario. In case of much snow on the way I will just turn back.

Refuge de Manganu seems to have no cols on the way from Lac de Nino, am I correct?
Also should I expect temperatures far below zero at night?

Thank you,


Posted: Thu, Apr 13, 2017, 19:57

Between Lac de Nino and the Bergeries Vaccaghia, as I recall, there was a slight height loss and then up to Manganu no height gain at all.
Remember to reach Pietra Piana you have to cross the highest col on the route and most of the way to the col Bocca Muzzella before dropping down to PP is on high ground....most of it above 2,000mtrs.
This section between Manganu and PP is usually the most alpine on the early part of the season.
In 2013 I arrived there from the south on the 13th, June and there were very big snowfields still around. Yet in 2007 the same stage on the 25th, June you had to search for a snowfield.
I think that arriving at the Bocca Alle Porte above Manganu after a night of frost? to continue without crampons might give you a hard few hours of travel. You should be able to work this out for yourself before leaving the area of Manganu.
On the other side with hot sunshine in the next two weeks of so there could be a very different picture. You have a bit over two weeks for conditions to alter.
Manganu rather than Pietra Piana would be your best decision point.