Bergeries de Capanelle closed? - Alternative refuges


Posted: Sun, Apr 23, 2017, 12:45

I'll be doing the GR20 next month (before the refuges are officially open), starting in Vizzavona and ending in Conca. We were planning to do our first day from Vizzavona to Bergeries de Capanelle but I've heard that the Capanelle refuge is closed. Is this still true? If so, are there any refuges further than Capanelle that you'd recommend we stay at for our first night? We're happy to make it a longer hiking day if need be, just want a sure refuge to sleep in that night.


Posted: Sun, Apr 23, 2017, 13:14

Depends whether you are going early in May or later? Openings usually happen around the middle of May.
It would be another five hours or so to reach Bocca di Verde which is on a cross-over road Maybe they would open?
Have you tried to contact Gite d'Etape U station in winter...Tel 06 30 21 49 05
I stayed there in 2013 coming up from the South. These numbers were on the card that I received from them.
This building is situated uphill from Capanelle. When coming from the North a sign will direct you towards the building.




Posted: Sun, Apr 23, 2017, 13:59

It's only the refuge that's closed. The building next door, U Fugone, where almost everyone stays, is still open. But, as Gaffr says, there's also Renosu, just fine minutes away, and a much better option, in my opinion.


Posted: Mon, Apr 24, 2017, 6:54

Thanks GR20....reminding me that there are three buildings in the area 'Capanelle'...more if you include the old bergerie type buildings of which there are several that are locked. Maybe used privately.

1. The old PNRC Refuge that is unmanned and at the moment out of use....The roof was damaged during the winter.

2. The large building at the terminus of the road that operates in two ways. The front part consisting of shop, restaurant etc. ....U Fugone.
The rear part of the same building is the sleeping area....with a Gite de Capanelle board beside the door. I guess the whole enterprise is called Gite de Capanelle?

3. The Gite d'Etape U Renosa that is placed at the end of a branch of the road leading to U Fugone and is situated on a large flat area beside another ski tow.