GR20 in 6/7 days


Posted: Mon, Jun 12, 2017, 4:31

We're a group of 4 that will be doing the GR20 in mid Sept this year. We want to complete it in 6 or 7 days (north to south), so does anybody have a suggested itinerary to balance the walk out over that many days? And yep we're confident we're fit enough.

Also, we want to keep a degree of flexibility, so do we need to book the refuges at this time of year or can we just turn up and get a bed and meal?





Posted: Mon, Jun 12, 2017, 14:19

I guess you should look at what most people do, then just double or treble the distance and see how it goes. Trying to get from Calinzana to Haut Asco in a day would be something that 99% of trekkers would never consider, but that's the sort of thing you might have to do.

If you book refuges, then you still have to be able to reach them. If you don't book them and they are full when you get there, you might still get a hire tent.


Posted: Tue, Jun 13, 2017, 4:34

What GRRR 20 said. There are not a ton of in-between stage alternatives, so at 7 days you would be essentially just doing double days. I think your big choice would be between the high-route variations or the lower routes, and that choice may be limited by the weather on a particular day. I have no knowledge of September conditions. You might want to leave at least one spare day in your travel bookings for super-bad weather or injuries.


Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 7:11

Hey. There isn't that much to it other than doubling and tripling stages where it seems logical. At that time the refuges should have space without needing reservations, but I'm not sure.

I found a 12 day plan online and I just doubled the stages:

1. Calenzana to Refuge de Carozzu (low-level route).
2. Refuge de Carozzu to Refuge de Tighjettu (omitting Haut Asco).
3. Refuge de Tighjettu to Hotel Castel di Vergio.
4. Hotel Castel di Vergio to Refuge de Manganu.
5. Refuge de Manganu to Refuge de Petra Piana.
6. Refuge de Petra Piana to Refuge de l'Onda.
7. Refuge de l'Onda to Vizzavona.
8. Vizzavona to Bocca di Verdi.
9. Bocca di Verdi to Refuge d'Usciolu.
10. Refuge d'Usciolu to Refuge d'Asinau.
11. Refuge d'Asinau to Bavella/Refuge d' I Paliri.
12. Bavella/Refuge d' I Paliri to Conca.

I also saved these links from somebody who did it fast:

I think that the alpine variants are worth doing. They're marked by two yellow lines. The Plateau d'Ese-Renosu stage/variant was really great on the GR 20 Sud. You can look up the plateau on google images.

Edit: I didn't see that this post was from a long time ago.


Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 8:31

Many thanks for the reply.....there appears to have been a bit of an earthquake on this forum with the sequence by date of the posts having been distorted. -:) but maybe that can be useful.
I have been catching up on several of your alpine days out....a marathon a day man.
Have you been on the trail between Chamonix and Zermatt.....not that I have been that way myself.
Very interesting reading your Blog of places that we have come across on our own walking travels.....grumpy guardians are to be found in many places.-:)




Posted: Wed, Apr 18, 2018, 13:02

The abnormal sequence of dates is due to a lot of spam posts that bring up old threads. Unfortunately the forum owner doesn't seem to care to implement any kind of filter.