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Posted: Tue, Jun 13, 2017, 17:03

I want to check a couple of things which are related to refugees and I hope that you can hel me.

1) Can in all refugees buy some kind of food? maybe, if you know in which is not, you can tell me?
2) Do all refugees have kitchen with cooking tools and all hikers can use it? maybe, if you know in which is not, you can tell me?
3) Are there water supplies in every refugee?


Posted: Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 10:42

Hi zzanem,

I did the GR 20 completely in the last 2 weeks of july 2016, and these are my experiences:

1) Yes, you can buy food at all the refuges: some food to make your own dinner: (very basic) pasta for example. Also some food for on the route (sausages, cheese, energy bars, etc.) Mostly food with a long shelf-life. Gardiens (the guys at the refuge) do their own shopping, so the stock varies from hut to hut.

Also, there are bergeries along the route, some of which sell their own cheese.

When we were there, Refuge D'asinau was burnt down, so on food was available there.

2) Yes, the refuges do have kitchens, but more often than not they have no cooking tools. Sometimes we lent it from fellow travelers, which was never a problem. We prepared our own food half of the time, and joined the dinner the other half (which is much more fun: the gardien will like you better since the meals are apparantly his main source of income)

3) Yes, all the refuges have water supplies

Hope this is helpful


Posted: Wed, Jun 14, 2017, 13:33

All the refuges have water supplies, but sometimes you have to walk away from the building to find them. The water inside Piobbu is not for drinking. Read the notices to find the water to use for drinking. At Paliri the drinking water is sometimes a very slow trickle and it's away from the building.

You can buy as much for as you want at the refuges, but it will be expensive and it won't usually be what you really want to eat. If you want a refuge meal, then tell the guardian as soon as you arrive. With a refuge meal, you know what time you will be eating. If you want to use the refuge cookers, you might have to join a queue and you could be eating very late.


Posted: Mon, Jun 19, 2017, 7:40

Marnix and GRRR 20, thank you for responses!