Updates on the GR20

Isabel S

Posted: Fri, Jul 14, 2017, 19:51

Hello all,

I received an email from Cicerone (where I bought the guide book), informing about these changes:

The PNRC has changed its website address and has also launched a new online booking system for the refuges and campsites. The PNRC website is now www.pnr.corsica and the booking website is now reserver.sitecresa.fr/centraleresa/parcnaturel. It is also worthwhile clicking on the link titled 'punaises de lit information randonneurs', which explains all about the ongoing bedbug infestation in the refuges. To discuss the trail with other users, see corsica.forhikers.com/forum.

Reconstruction of Refuges

A major project will start during 2018, where the basic GR20 refuges will be reconstructed, expanded and improved. This will probably take place at the rate of two or three refuges per year. While building work is taking place at refuges, accommodation is likely to be available in large, military-style tents. All other services, such as camping places, meals and the sale of food and drink will be unaffected.

April 2017

Stage 10 - Vizzavona to Bergeries d' E Capanelle - The very basic PNRC Refuge d' E Capanelle is closed for roof repairs during 2017. Two private refuges lie only a few minutes walk away - the busy U Fugone, tel 04 95 57 01 81, and the quiet U Renosu, tel 06 30 21 49 05.

March 2017

On 25th March 2016, the Refuge d'Asinau was discovered to have been gutted by fire. No-one knows how or why this happened, but it wasn't available for the 2016 season. It had been earmarked for demolition and rebuilding, and the latest news suggests that a new refuge will be in place by the middle of May 2017. Check the PNRC Randoblog for further developments... http://randoblogpnrc.blogspot.co.uk


Posted: Sat, Jul 15, 2017, 7:50

Question for those folks on the GR20 after the middle of May.....Is there a replacement for the refuge d'Asinau in operation or is it some sort of temporary structure?
Also I hope that this time a 'stronger job' is made of the roof of the Capanelle bothy. In my experience of the area this is the second time that the roof has been blown off?



Sophie B

Posted: Sat, Jul 15, 2017, 8:14

When we were there two weeks ago Asinau was 'functioning' - all be it with a very grumpy gardien! In place of the building they had a metal container (which has the food store / kitchen in it) and a large sturdy frame tent / marquee type thing (which you ate in) - which seemed to work fine. It was very windy the night we were there. The toilets and showers are separate anyway - so they were fine.

The refuge d'e capanelle was open and being used - I didn't notice the state of the roof (i.e. whether it had been done or not). U Renosu was closed. U Fugone was open. It was busy and there didn't seem to be many camping spaces, so we stayed in one of the hire tents.