Posted: Mon, Jul 17, 2017, 1:46

We are thinking of hiking the GR 20 in June 2018. What are the costs for the refuges for this year and the costs for meals?




Posted: Mon, Jul 17, 2017, 12:49

Hi dawnlinda,

I can't comment about costs for the refuge's but camping for 1 was 7 Euro's a night at PNRC refuges and varied between 5 Euros's and 8 Euro's elsewhere.

Meals (repas - 3 course) were in the 20 Euro region and varied widely in quality and quantity. Generally consisted of soup starter - pasta or lentil main and some form of pudding (cake or similar). Breakfasts were about 7 Euros and were mostly bread and butter + jam and maybe a small cake. Also included were tea or coffee (instant). The breakfasts were (IMHO) not good value and you would be better taking your own loaf and individual butter/jam's. If you stay at Auberge du Vallone, don't pay for breakfast, 6 stale bits of baguette + bowl of marmalade + bowl of instant coffee - 7 Euros!

Best meal was at Bergeries de L'Onda - proper soup + best veggie lasagne I''ve ever had + chocolate pud.

I did revert to cooking my own meals after a few days (L'Onda an exception) as I found that to be better value but you miss out on the social aspect of a sit down meal with others.