Getting from Bastia to Calenzana


Posted: Tue, Jul 25, 2017, 20:06


Could someone please confirm whether I have figured out correctly how I could get from Bastia ferry terminal to Calenzana to start GR20?
1) Commutable area from Bastia ferry terminal to Bastia train station (arriving at 6:00 from Nice)
2) Taking train at 9.07 (arriving 12:16)
If I understand correctly then 1 change on the way in U Ponte a a Leccia - is that correct or I just sit in the same train? :)
3) Commutable area from Calvi train station to Calvi bus stop taking to Calenzana
or should I rather walk from U Fiumeseccu Alzeta to Calenzana?
"If you wish to walk to Calenzana (8km along the D151), you should ask to get off at the U Fiumeseccu Alzeta (ex-Camp Raffalli) or U ponte bambinu (ex-Dolce Vita) REQUEST stops."
4) Going by bus from Calvi (Place de la Porteuse d'eau) to Calenzana 14:30-15:00
5) Does this bus take to Gite d'Etape, which as I understand is the first place to stay and the North starting point for GR20?

Could someone please also tell what stages are more feasible to combine? I am looking for the possibility to combine 1 or 2 stages. I read that refuge Campannele will be closed in 2017. Hence, does it mean that the stages 11 & 12 should be completed as one - i.e. from Vizzavona to Prati (35km)?

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Posted: Tue, Jul 25, 2017, 21:56

your plans are looking good. I'm not completely sure what you mean with the "commutable area", but I walked from the ferry terminal to the station in about 15-20 minutes maximum.
You will not have to change the train, this would only be the case for the later train which leaves at 3:30pm. The bus from Calvi to Calenzana is 8€, so you can decide if it's worth walking.
I took the bus and imagine these 8km could be quite a stretch depending on heat and amount of traffic. The bus does stop at the gite.

Concerning Capannelle, there are alternatives available, see here:

Combining stages might be better in the south, cause it's considered to be easier. I combined stages 9 and 10 by going from l'Onda to Capannelle, and it was okay.


Regards, Simon


Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017, 5:43

To reach the Train Station from The Ferry Port.....left at Exit from port area....look for Place St Nicholas, a large rectangular square :-)...Up Ave. Pierre C. that leads directly to Ave. Marichal Sebastini (Sp.) Basically a straight line....reach a roundabout...Gare SNCF is on the left.

I have always found that you have to change trains at Ponte Lecchia? You could ask at the Gare.
The Bastia to Ajaccio service is a straight through after stopping at PL ...the PL to Calvi is in to PL then the driver operates the train from the other end for the return to Calvi.

I have only ever made the bus to Calenzana on one occasion....check that it still runs during the school holidays? If you go into the SNCF terminus at Calvi the tourist where we took the bus is just above. Very near there is a taxi place...a wee lay-by sort of thing. Expensive but if shared with other walkers it can be reduced.




Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017, 20:10

Thank you Simon!


Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017, 20:11

Thank you Gaffr! :) Very good description of what is around the bus stop, exactly what I tried to figure out :)

Isabel S

Posted: Wed, Jul 26, 2017, 20:55


Could someone tell me the timetables for a Sunday, Sept 10th? I will arrive to Bastia by Ferry, had to pick a friend in Bastia Airport and then to Calvi for other friend.
Which is the best option?