Conca to Ajaccio


Posted: Tue, Aug 1, 2017, 20:39


Is it possible to complete the last stage Paliri to Conca and make it to the bus Conca - Porto Vecchio leaving at 11:15?
At what time would you suggest to start last stage to make it to that bus (5am?)? When I complete the stage how to find the bus stop place, how far is it, what is nearby?

I found also some reference to the minibus service that might leave at 13:30. Is it functioning? If yes, how to find the bus stop place?

Further, I would like to take the bus Porto Vecchio to Ajaccio at 15:00. Does this bus leaves from the same place as the bus arriving from Conca would stop in Porto Vecchio or I should go somewhere else?

Additionally, I could not find coordinates or some exact description of the place where GR20 route starts in Calenzana. If I e.g. stay in Gite d'Etape/ Gite d'Etap municipal - how to find from where I should start GR20? :) If I have got it right, then the bus from Calvi to Calenzana would stop in Gite d'Etape, so I should not have problems searching it, right? :)

Thank you!


Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017, 6:37

3. don't need a GPS to find the Gite/camping in Calenzana or for anywhere on the GR20 it is fully way-marked with Red/White flashes of paint and with signboards.
The bus will stop at the road end for the camping as will the taxi if used...I have got there using on three occasions using one or the other. :-) To reach the start of GR20...I have been both ways either up through the village or to turn right at the GR20 bar/restaurant...plenty of signboards.

For 1. My camera images are helpful here....the image of Punta di l'Amina Damnata shows 0604 so must have left the camp at Paliri before 0600hrs. Image of the final Col above Conca the Bocca d'Asciolu shows 1021hrs and an image taken in the village of Conca shows 1103 hrs.
The mini bus service is run by the folks running the restaurant/camping in Conca so I guess that they will wait until there are a few folks wishing to use navette...but I guess towards lunchtime they may have other priorities to manage. We stayed there for a bit of lunch with others and probably left on the navette after 1400hrs to travel down to the camping beside the sea.
Best to e mail or to phone the Conca restaurant prior to your visit.

I think that you may be under a bit of pressure to fit all of this schedule into your timescale?

For 2. We reached Porto Vecchio on a small bus from outside the camping near to Saint Lucie PV and were dropped off opposite a bus stop in the town to get back to Bastia.
On another occasion, a few years later, we had to walk up to the old town to a open area where buses appeared now to leave from ....again we were headed back to Bastia so check for the service to Ajaccio.

Have opened your timetable 'thing'...we must have been in Conca outside the season for buses hence my reply I did not about the bus service in July and August....looks as if you should have no problems with the bus taking you to the Gare Routier and for your connection to Ajaccaio. It all appears to be very easy!




Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017, 9:06

You only get one chance each day to get bus services lined up correctly and if you do it wrong then you have to try again the following day. Except Sunday, when there are usually no buses. Check them, write them down, and be at the correct bus stops on time.


Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017, 19:00

Thank you very much for your replies!
Does anyone have the e-mail address or phone no. for that Conca restaurant that operates the mini bus service?


Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017, 20:08

There is a whole website


Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017, 20:33

Thank you!
Seems I will have to rely on mini bus, as the other bus service I found will not operate after the 31st of August :(