Advice for Transportation Calenzana-Ile Rousse/Bastia


Posted: Wed, Aug 2, 2017, 16:19

Hi, I apologise in advance for this long post about the best way to get from Calenzana to the ferry at Ile Rousse or Bastia. I arrive at Figari next Monday afternoon and am planning to hike South to North because it is closest to Conca (although I would have preferred to hike North to South to get the hardest parts out of the way first).

I will maintain a brisk pace and aim to finish on Monday, August 14 at Calenzana. I will then need to get from Calenzana to Calvi and then onto either the ferry at Ile Rousse or Bastia. My end destination is Grenoble and I must arrive by the evening of Tuesday, August 15 so I am looking at arriving on the ferry at either Nice, Toulon or Marseille and then taking the train to Grenoble from there on Tuesday morning.

It seems that the bus is not running on August 15 so my only option is to take it on August 14 leaving Calvi at 7h or 13h30 (arriving in Ile Rousse at 7h30 or 14h, or Bastia at 9h10 or 15h40).

Bastia=>Toulon Monday, August 14 €31.87 21:00 - 07:00
Ile Rousse=>Toulon Monday, 14 August €47.66 15:00 - 21:30
Ile Rousse=>Nice Monday, August 14 €34.11 07:00 - 12:15
Tuesday, 15 August €46.34 12:00 - 16:05
Corsica Linea: BASTIA 14/08/2017 18:30 MARSEILLE 15/08/2017 08:00

Now for my questions:
Does anyone have any recommendations for how to get from the trailhead in Calenzana to Calvi?
Does anyone have any advice about the reliability of the bus from Calvi to Bastia? (I was thinking that it was maybe better to take the ferry from Ile Rousse so that I could take a taxi if for some reason things went wrong).

And any other advice is welcome. Thanks!