Mare a Mare Nord - tent accomodation


Posted: Thu, Aug 3, 2017, 9:18

Hi everybody,

I'm planning to walk the Mare a Mare Nord route from Moriani plage to Evisa. Some years ago I've hiked the GR20 trail and I remember that every refuge or gite d'etape had a small place where to sleep in your own tent. What's the situation along the Mare a Mare Nord route? In particoular: are there places where to camp in Sermano, Pianellu an I Penti?

Thanks a lot


Posted: Thu, Aug 3, 2017, 20:06

It is not always possible to camp on the MM Nord at least that was the case when we travelled the route in 2008.
At I Penti where there was a tent in the ground to the rear of the Hostel.
At Pied Alesani there was simple accommodation available in a room under a garage.
At that time Pianellu hostel was closed but folks camped below this on an old terrace.
At Sermano there is a hostel but did not see any camping although some young folks got permission to camp in a garden.
Corte we had camping on a site below the citadel.
Sega through to Evisa and on down to the coast we had camps.
I guess that from Moriani where we camped and through to Corte you really had to look a round for camping spots thereafter OK. Many of the Hostel were in villages with not a lot of free space for tents.
At that time the route did not seem to be overly busy. If only the traffic on the GR20 spread around a bit more and perhaps learned the craft of walking and camping before going to the higher route.
Must say that we have enjoyed travelling over all of the other multi day routes on the island and just two of them Mare Monti e Nord and Mare a Mare Sud had significant numbers of walkers on the routes.