Calenzana to Carozzu |

Calenzana to Carozzu


Posted: Tue, Jan 30, 2018, 10:08

Is this a viable option for the first day, missing out Piobbu? Can anybody give me any idea about the level of difficulty/times please?


Posted: Wed, Jan 31, 2018, 7:28

If you mean following the classic route from Calinzana to Carrozzu, but not stopping at Piobbu, then that would be a really hard day and most people wouldn't be able to complete it. If you mean taking the low level route direct from Calinzana to Carrozzu, going nowhere near Piobbu, then that is quite easy.


Posted: Wed, Jan 31, 2018, 14:10

Yes, I do mean the latter. We have limited time and need to consolidate days to save time. I've since realised that the route is shown in it's entirety if you use the details on stage 1 and 2 of Paddy Dillon's guide. Cheers for your help.


Posted: Wed, Jan 31, 2018, 15:55

You have two choices on that low level route. You can stay at the hotel/gite at Bonifatu, or you can stay at the refuge or camp at Carrozzu. The camping area at Carrozzu is small and uneven, and the refuge might have bed bugs. If you stay at the hotel, you still have to get up to Carrozzu before you continue to Haut Asco, but it isn't too difficult.