Long-Term Parking in Corte


Posted: Wed, May 16, 2018, 15:17

Hi, starting a multi-day hike out Corte. Can't find any info online or in this forum about long-term (3-5 days) parking. Any place we can park our small car for a few days while we trek?

Charlie and Cassie



Steve Dan

Posted: Wed, May 16, 2018, 19:57

You may have already found this out by now, but there is a car park at the top of Avenue Jean Nicoli. Just off Cours Paoli, not far from the town square.


Posted: Thu, May 17, 2018, 15:10

If you stay the night at one of the campsites then you may be able to arrange parking for 3-5 days for a fee. I've done this in the past at Corte when on a 6 day hike. On several occasions I've also left my car overnight at the car park at Rue Saint Joseph near the start of the trail along the Tavignano Valley to do an overnight trip to Refuge a Sega and back again with no problems.

Steve Dan

Posted: Fri, May 18, 2018, 5:53

Hi Andy.
Going off topic here. Just interested to know if you managed to get out onto the trail this year.


Posted: Mon, May 21, 2018, 14:57

Hi Steve Dan, not yet but my brother and I are hiking half of the Mare a Mare Nord from Corte to Cargese in June. He's new to multi-day hiking so I'm trying to ease him in gently before I try and coerce him into taking on the GR20 sometime in the near future! It'll be my second time doing this route, except this time in the opposite direction.

How about yourself - have you been hiking yet this year or do you have anything planned?

Steve Dan

Posted: Tue, May 22, 2018, 18:23

Hi Andy.
I'm also heading out in June (3rd) and walking coast to coast. Mare a Mare Centre from Pont Abatescu to Col St George, then link up with the Tra Mare e Monti Sud to Porto Pollo. Plan to visit Filitosa and then finish off with a couple of days birding at Lake Bigulia, camping once again at Esparenza.
The Mare a Mare Nord should give your brother the 'bug', it's a great trail.
Have a good hike


Posted: Wed, May 23, 2018, 15:07

Thanks Steve! Sounds like you have a good variety of terrain organised. I had a family holiday in the Olmetto area some years ago and black kites and hoopoes visited the villa every day, so you should be in for a treat on the birding front in that area. Filitiosa is also very well worth a visit.

We're starting on 10th June and hiring a car for the second week. Planning to knock off a few of the two-thousanders like Monte Rotondo, but may be too early in the season due to the heavy snowfall this year.

Good luck with the trip!



Posted: Sun, Aug 12, 2018, 1:07

Hi Steve, just reflecting on my last trip to Corsica and wondered how you got on yourself? How are the middle trails, did you spot a good range of birds and did Fillatosa live up to expectations? I can tell you that my brother did indeed fall head over heels in love with Corsica as you predicted and our time on the Mare a Mare Nord was incredibly enjoyable partly due a common enjoyment of Pietra, figatelli sausages and mostly fine weather other than one day of rain around the col de Vergio. While touring on my own I summited Monte Renoso and hiked around the Bergerie des Pozzi and it’s unusual lakes. In the final few days I hiked round the Desert des Agriates which was pretty hard going due to a lack of water, soft underfoot sand with backpack on and plus 30 degrees heat (exacerbated in the humid maquis). Having said that, the scenery more than made up for the hardships. All in all though, Corsica didn’t disappoint once again.

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Steve Dan

Posted: Sun, Aug 12, 2018, 20:26

Hello Andy, nice to keep a thread running!
Sounds like you packed a lot in and had a really good adventure. Was there really any doubt that your brother would love Corsica, especially when plied with sausage and Pietra. The perfect lunch.
The Desert des Agriates is an interesting area. I've visited on birding trips, but not on a hike. I had been thinking about somehow linking it up with a Cap Corse walk.
The Mare a Mare Centre. Loved every step. Birds and butterflies ( and pigs ) galore. I'd hardly walked a hundred yards from the Pont de l'Abutesco before I was watching Bee Eaters, Hoopoe, Comma and Painted Lady butterflys. So it continued. Deep, quiet woodland, fabulous views from the ridges, quiet trails apart from at the Col de Laparo. The GR20 was awash with trekkers. Finishing off the walk via Cupabai beach and Porto Pollo made for a better finale than Porticcio.
Filitosa did indeed live up to expectations. Aside from the pre-history, it is also a lovely valley, full of flowers, butterflies and birds. A calling, soaring Honey Buzzard was a major highlight of the trip.
Heading back in September for a little circuit of the Balange and the Polyphonic festival in Calvi.
Good to hear from you.
Plans for next year?