GR20 South itinerary planning


Posted: Tue, Jun 5, 2018, 14:08

Hi all, need some advice in planning the GR20Sud.
Did the North section last year which was wonderfull and cant wait to return.
However, I have just a week this time and with hassle of public transport to vizzavona and from ending in Conca, this leave me with 5 /5.5max walking days to get back to porto vecchio in time for a bus scheduled for Ajaccio to get my flight back home.

On the North section, I was generally 1-2hours faster than most guidebooks. I also doubled up without problems pietra-piana, sloping Onda to vizzavona.

What would be the best and most realistic stages to double up on the South section and get the 7 stages done in 5 days preferably?

I was thinking as doubling options
- Vizza-capanella-col de Verde
-col Verde/Prati-Usciolu-Crocce
- usciolu-crocce-asinau

Thanks for advice!


Posted: Tue, Jun 5, 2018, 21:08

The southern part is easier compared to the northern one, so... no big deal.

Vizzavona to Verde is long but doable (some would say "advisable" considering the mess that is Capanelle...)
Verde to Crocce (skipping Usciolu) is long too (about 20 km) but quite easy.
Crocce to Bavella (skipping Asinau) is more physically demanding. Lots of going up and down.
From there, the last leg (Bavella to Conca, skipping Paliri) fits within a day.
Such a plan involves 7 to 10 hours a day for 4 days but provides you with extra time in case of mishaps, acute laziness, bad weather, touristic detours, whatever.

A more relaxed schedule could be Vizzavona to Pozzi (off-GR20) or Verde, Pozzi/Verde to Prati then Usciolu, Usciolu directly to Asinau (still a mess atm), Asinau to Paliri via the alpine Bavella variant, then Paliri all the way down to Conca.


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Posted: Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 5:41

I am pleased to see that at least two other folks have Crocce included in their schedule. A fine relaxing place to camp and now with the problems at Asinau a very good choice.
Would Crocce to Bavella be less physical if instead of the Alpine variant that the lower route to Bavella is taken? I have been both ways and can also recall the lower level route being more in distance.
If coming from Crocce don't miss out on Monte Alcudina that can be a relaxing walk up from the col above Asinau if the rucksack is left at the col.
I guess that the person asking the question is carrier of their own camping kit, given the wide range of options presented above, that the choice could easily match however well and easily the walking feels underfoot on the day.




Posted: Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 17:57

Thanks for the advise! Encouraging.
Will be making decisions about taking own camping stuff after weighing your advice:-)
Prefer to use rental Tents as i did last year as it means a lot less weight (and more space for Nice food e other hand, bringing my own tent would mean extra flexibility which Might be Nice in the end...

Just needed some backup on this. I did calculate the 6th day as Extra in case of transportation trouble etc.
Thx! Selma