food items available for meals and resupply?


Posted: Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 14:15

Hello all! My hiking buddy and I (UK and USA) are prepping for a northbound hike from Vizzavona to Calenzana in early July and really looking forward to it! One detail I haven't been able to find out yet is specifically what type of food is available for purchase from the refuges, both in terms of the hot meal but especially picnic and self-cook items. We don't have specific dietary requirements and aren't picky eaters, just want to know how it compares to what we normally take on backcountry trips. :)

Also, although I know there are cooking facilities available, we are thinking of bringing an ultralight stove and pot to free us from queues since it's a busy time. I usually use an MSR Pocket Rocket stove, but I was wondering about the ease of buying a fuel can in Ajaccio or Vizzavona. The link below shows the stove and the type of isopro gas can it uses.



Posted: Wed, Jun 6, 2018, 16:03

Food availability, variety, and pricing differ between refuges - it's totally unregulated. The caretakers sell such goods to complement their meager salary and as a (pricey) convenience to their guests and visitors. Still, you may expect some basics (canned sardines, industrial processed cheese, chocolate bars, cookies, sandwich bread, soda cans...) and in some places pseudo-local delicacies too.

There's next to nothing in Vizzavona, and you won't find your gas canisters there. You might find this specific type in Ajaccio though by paying a visit to the many small sporting shops. The bigger Decathlon/Intersport stores (e.g. at the Atrium Ajaccio mall) only sell the Camping Gaz and sometimes Primus brands.


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