Card payments


Posted: Sun, Jun 24, 2018, 7:36

Hi, my latest information is that there are no ATM's or places where they accept cards. Can anyone please confirm that this is still the case and need to carry all the cash for two weeks?

Thank you




Posted: Sun, Jun 24, 2018, 8:01

AFAIK the hotels at Vergio, Haut-Ascu, and the tiny grocer's store at Vizzavona all accept credit cards (from €15 I think). Unless you are a customer of La Banque Postale, you can't withdraw cash along the way - the closest ATMs are in Ponte-Leccia and Corte.


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Posted: Sun, Jun 24, 2018, 9:26

Carry more cash than you think you will need. If you run out of cash it can cost you a whole day, plus travelling expenses, just to get a few more Euros. It's not worth the effort.

Think how much cash there must be at each of the refuges, because it must really pile up during the season.


Posted: Thu, Jul 5, 2018, 15:26


Cash is king in Corsica. There are about 3 Refuges where they accept card payment and the minimum sped is 15 Euro's, easily done as everything is expensive. Some places are so remote that card would never be possible without expensive communications, sadly a few place like La Tonnell are missing out on trade as most arrive with little money left and could do with using a card by this point.