GR20 - an item lost, with a huge sentimental value...


Posted: Sat, Aug 11, 2018, 19:13

Dear fellow hikers!

My name is Varvara. My boyfriend and I complete the whole GR20, North-to-South, on the 5th of August. I have an unusual thing to ask...

When we were at the Refuge de Uscilou, there was a huge storm. My boyfriend lost his hat then. I know this must sound very silly, however it was very important to us, it had a huge sentimental value, as it was given by someone very dear to him..

I was wondering - perhaps if anyone, by some weird unheard-of miracle, finds it in the mountains, and remembers this message, and collects it and please could write to me about it - I would be forever, eternally, incredibly grateful, and think of some great reward for it =)

Or perhaps someone has ideas as to what I could do to try and find it? Or maybe went through the lost-and-found-on-GR20 experience themselves and could share some tips?

Please believe me, I am not delusional; I understand that the chances are incredibly slim, but no harm in trying, ha?..

It was a brown baseball cap hat, with 'tekstyl' written on it. (I must say I hated how it looked, but he loved it so much =/)

Thank you so much, and good luck all! xx




Posted: Sat, Aug 11, 2018, 19:24

Several hikers and locals are on a Facebook group entitled "Gr20 2018", post a message there maybe. It has previously worked for car keys and digital cameras...


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