Flying with MREs


Posted: Sun, Aug 19, 2018, 10:24

Hi all. I'm heading out for the GR20 in just under 2 weeks, and wondering if anyone has experience flying with MREs (meals, ready to eat) - I use the hydrated army ration packs, which don't contain heaters, and I am concerned they may burst in the hold of the plane. Equally, they may exceed the fluid limit of 100ml (not sure, they're 300g). Does anyone have any experience of flying with them, or any recommendations for where to put them while flying to stop them bursting? Thanks.


Posted: Sun, Aug 19, 2018, 16:43

I am a bag of Muesli, bag of pasta and a few tins of spiced fish person when going on trips so don't know anything about these potentially exploding packs? :-)
However if the military use these then I don't hear of anything about their transport planes falling out of the sky?




Posted: Sun, Aug 19, 2018, 19:04

Sophia, sorry I don't know the specific hydrated army ration packs (got any links?), I personally use dehydrated food in tinfoil bags and I know for sure there is no chance they might explode. Sorry if I can't be of anymore help.



Posted: Sun, Aug 19, 2018, 19:29

Thanks Gaffr, I didn't mean explode in any way that could threaten a plane, I just meant burst and therefore spill all the food! I've never flown before, so not sure what to expect but don't want to miss out on first night's dinner...

Thanks for the link Michele, I'll have a look. I found mine on ebay:

I'd heard of one similar (potentially not the same brand though) bursting when high up in the Atlas mountains and didn't want the same to happen while flying