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Posted: Sun, Aug 26, 2018, 8:21

Hello everyone!
Three more weeks and then I'll be in Corsica! But last weekend I went on a long weekend in Italy, where I walked a normal walk (just a few hours, no camping), without a backpack and I found out that my condition is not so good. So I realised I may not be able to walk 7 days. I'm now running for a half hour every day to get a bit fitter and I still want to try, but If I decide to stop, I want a backup plan, because I'll be in Corsica from sept 15 until sept 26. So here are my questions:

- If I could only do a 2 day walk in the south part, what stage should I do?

- What about Mare e Monti? I heard it's easier and beautiful too, but too hot in the summer?

- I'm on my own and I don't like crowded spaces, but is it worth to visit the other city's (Bastia, etc.)? And is it best to take the train?

- Other recomandations?



Posted: Sun, Aug 26, 2018, 10:12

Walking with a full camping load? is a fairly demanding way to spend a holiday especially so on the GR20.
However if the days out spent prior to the visit are made to asses the level of fitness you should be confident to go.
Two days on the Southern area would be easily reached by train from Vizzavona up to Capanelle and then on a second day to reach Col de Verdi where there is a road crossing the GR20. Both days are on good paths with not too much ascent apart from the section from Vizzavona up to Bocca Palmente but the path is reasonably graded.
Travelling on one of the other multi day routes in Corsica would be good experience for taking on the higher level route perhaps.
Mare e Monti has some very fine stages to walk and I guess useful, if doing shorter walks, that many of the stages are within reach of the road connecting Calvi to Cargese and Ajaccio.
Two retired French folks who we came into contact many times with on the GR20 in 2007 had walked the MM as perhaps a training trip....we did this route and several other Multi day routes on the island over a few years later and found most them enjoyable.




Posted: Sun, Aug 26, 2018, 16:22

You could also consider various Alta Rocca loops, for example, Quenza -- Zonza. These are pleasant day hikes.

Or, a loop from Grotelle to Lac di Melu and Capitellu.