What to eat on trail?

Valts Boginskis

Posted: Sat, Sep 1, 2018, 16:44


We are two persons who are going G20 whole trail.
We are takeing gas stove with us.
Any suggestions what to eat and cook on road?
Right know I am thinking about oat flakes with dried fruits in mornings.
Day time maybe some energy bars and in the evening some couscous with dried meat. What do you think?

As I understand you can buy some food as well from farmers along the trail. What are their prices?




Posted: Sun, Sep 2, 2018, 1:03

For breakfast, anything full of Kcal will do :) chocolate, oats, cakes/biscuits, seeds & nuts... Couscous, semolina, polenta, or anything else for dinners is ok, better with seasoning, and local cheese/meat. You can also order meals at the various refuges where you'll sleep (or buy groceries there), they are staffed till October 1st.

Prices are unregulated, supplies are quite expensive:
(from last July, Sega refuge)


Geologist in Corsica


Posted: Sun, Sep 2, 2018, 9:45

Plenty of fattening pig products available, either to buy, or included in the refuge meals!