Facilities in October


Posted: Sat, Sep 8, 2018, 14:25

Hi. I'm hilkng the GR20 from 21/09 to 05/10 southbound. I've read that most refuges are unstaffed from 01/10. We're planning on resupplying for the last 5 days on route. Has anyone hiked into October and was there still some refuges that were still staffed and that you could get food from? Would it be possible to buy enough groceries from a refuge For the last few days towards the end of September? We're bringing our own tent and stove & breakfast/drinks for the whole trip so it would just be lunch and dinner?


Posted: Sat, Sep 8, 2018, 15:51

For official refuges (operated by the Natural Park) the precise date depends on the year, the weather and the crowding.
This year operations cease contractually on Sunday Sept 30th. However some staff (who is the sole responsible for selling food, meals, gifts etc.) stays there a few more days or even weeks - to clean things up, help resupply for winter, fix the facilities, make extra money by selling leftover food to late hikers etc.

You'll probably be able to buy food items or even some meals at most refuges during your stay.


Geologist in Corsica


Posted: Sat, Sep 8, 2018, 17:58

I've hiked on the southern part of the route in October. I even crossed the Plateau de Coscione in November once when it was completely buried in snow. All the PNRC refuges were open but unstaffed and all the private refuges were closed. I was able to get whatever food I wanted in the village of Zicavo, which was well worth visiting because it's a proper Corsican mountain village.


Posted: Sun, Sep 9, 2018, 20:24

Thanks for the information.


Posted: Mon, Sep 10, 2018, 7:59

Zicavo is a fine wee village. We camped overnight there having descended from the bocca Laparo when on the MM Central. The shop, close to the very large tree offering shade, was very well stocked with everything that you could want.




Posted: Mon, Sep 10, 2018, 18:17

Thanks Gaffr. Very useful info.