Campsite L'Alzarella in Vizzavona

Tomasz Zakolski

Posted: Mon, Oct 1, 2018, 15:51

Hi, I’d like to warn You all from the campsite L’Alzarella in Vizzavona. Don’t sleep there! Go to the refuge opposite to to train station or to the hotel. On the campsite in Vizzavona I left my pair of trousers hanging on a fence and drying after the loundry. One day later, already being in Ajaccio, I called the owner to keep them for me, as I wanted to come over and pick them up. The owner claimed this was impossible, because he threw my pants into the trash bin and disposed the trash to a trash lorry, and he used to do this every day!! – he said. I find this respectless and a very bad practice, because people might leave much more valuable things than some trousers worth last but not least over 100 Euro. As far as I know facilities in Corsica keep all left belongings of their guests over a generous period of a few months. Assuming that I find this a very bad standard or even worse – a possible pretext to hijack things left by trekkers. As You google the campsite in google maps, You might find, I am not the only shocked and disappointed one – the camp has many bad reviews including the owner having allegedly threatened someone with a knife.

Tomasz Zakolski

Posted: Mon, Oct 1, 2018, 15:54

Another proove, the owner is quite a figure is an incindent which occured in his grocery store. I wanted to pay by card and used it contactless as I did many times before. But the owner shouted at me and started swearing at me in french, because contactless payments cause a 30 sek. delay in his payment terminal. Long time I haven't seen a person this much overreacting.
Better avoid this place and go somewhere else!


Posted: Fri, Oct 5, 2018, 6:51

I don't enjoy these rants, I don't like that you suggest this is a conspiracy to "hijack" trekkers, and I'd like to offer a different perspective. I feel that some people expect too much of these places. The people there have to deal with many trekkers every day. Trekkers might feel they are special, they are not. They are just one of many. Do you expect these owners to care for all the trekkers?
This is what I would call more of a traditional campsite, this is not "glamping" campsite. This is not a traditional "facility in Corsica" like a hotel where they care for their guests. It's a campsite. When I'm camping, I make super sure I don't leave anything behind, as part of the "Leave No Trace" guideline, which you seem to have failed.
Put yourself in his shoes, and he might feel you were the disrespectful one for leaving your stuff behind.
I will agree that the owner is a special "figure". He was drinking and smoking in the shop and was a little drunk. Regardless, I was laughing at him. If he would be angry with me, I would understand that he's an old drunk man, and nothing more. I was happy he had a good shop with good stock, and he was curious of my background and made some jokes with me. He was one of the few owners that spoke english (perhaps because of the history of Vizzavona).
I would happily go back to this Campsite. Next time, please stick to the "Leave no Trace" guideline, and don't leave your stuff behind in the campsite.
I'm not saying he was right or wrong, but I don't feel it warrants you writing this rant to make accusations they his intentions are to try to steal trekkers belongings, as that does not match my experience.


Posted: Sat, Oct 6, 2018, 12:49

Leaving stuff behind without giving *prior* notice means that the stuff is abandoned, and thus these "leftovers" can be disposed of (brought to local police at the earliest convenience if readily identifiable and valuable; otherwise kept, sold, given away, recycled, or burnt with the rest of the garbage).

That's how things work in civilized countries that have to deal with copious amount of trash, goods, food, clothing, papers and other unknown crap left behind by careless tourists.


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