Booking accomodation and budget


Posted: Thu, Nov 1, 2018, 9:04


I've been researching for a trip next summer (2019) with my partner and looking to book accommodation for the route so we don't need to bring a tent.

The websites for booking accommodation that I've found ( and don't seem to offer anything apart from external links to commercial websites.

Tour companies seem to offer very expensive booking deals (upwards of 600euros for only half of the GR20), despite much lower prices advertised for the refuges.

We don't have lots of money to spend and were thinking of renting tent at each refuge and trying to spend as little as possible.

How can we book accommodation directly to keep costs down?
How much money will it cost to buy food along route? (We are not strong enough hikers to be able to carry food for whole trip).

Thanks very much for time reading and any help / advice you can offer

Kind regards




Posted: Thu, Nov 1, 2018, 9:40

Hi Neil,

The correct link to book accomodation for your trek is
However reservations at this time of year are closed. You should check back around April-May.
As to buying food along the route, in general I recommend to buy fresh food cooked at the refuges and that means something around 19-20 euros per dinner. Alternatively you might want to buy canned food available at almost all refuges at reasonable price.
For futher information please check out the kit list a hiker posted some time ago at this link:
but please be aware that prices are dated back to 2014.