GR20 North 7 day Itinerary


Posted: Wed, Dec 5, 2018, 16:44


We are hoping to complete the GR20 North from Vizzavona to Calenzana in 7 days. Would someone who has done this section in that day please share their itinerary, ideally including the time it took them, distance and elevation.

It is look quite ambitious to me, requiring a few hefty days!





Posted: Thu, Dec 6, 2018, 10:36

If it was me I would take it easy at the start and not try to double up stages. My recommendation would be:

1 Vizzavona or nearby Tattone and the valley route to Petra Piana (gains you one day)
2 Petra Piana to Manganu
3 Manganu to Vergio - but push on to Ciottulu di I Mori if you can
4 Vergio to Tighjettu - but if you start from Mori you probably still need to stop at Tighjettu
5 Tighjettu to Haut Asco
6 Haut Asco to either Carrozzu or Bonifatu
7 Carrozzu or Bonifatu by the low level route to Calinzana

If you manage to double up any of the harder stages in the middle and get a day ahead on that schedule, then you can go from Carrozzu to Orto di u Piobbu and from Orto di u Piobbu to Calinzana.

Lawrence of Spain

Posted: Wed, Dec 12, 2018, 18:17

Hey Crunchie,

Totally possible, did that in 7 days, only in a different direction - from Calenzana to Vizzavona.

What I did:
Day 1. Calenzana > Ortu di u Piobbu -- long and difficult one. I don't see how you could stack this stage with another one if you carry supplies and tent/bag with you. Probably gets better going other way, as you are going down.
Day 2. Ortu di u Piobbu > Carrozzu -- another difficult one
Day 3. Carrozzu > Asco -- one more of these, last hour of descend to Asco was never ending.
Day 4. Asco > Tighjettu > Ballone -- the most difficult one, with the biggest altitude change, as you go through Monte Cinto.
Day 5. Ballone > Ciottulu di i Mori (good omlette) > Verghio (good place to restock) > Manganu -- this is the longest stage, with 33km, that took me ~10 hours to complete. There is plenty of walking without a lot of altitute change, but the latter gets accumulated in the end, too.
Day 6. Manganu > Pietra Piana > l'Onda (amazing omlette, the best I had) -- one of the most, if not the most, picturesque stages (Manganu - Pietra Piana), especially if done when there is still some snow.
Day 7. l'Onda - Vizzavona -- did the alpine variant, crossing Monte d'Oro, which is shorter, but more demanding on descent (going down one chimney was crushing).

I did this alone, having too much weight at the start of the trip (too much food), and what I can say is that physical aspect of it is difficult, but it is also very important to be mentally prepared, and I saw other people break down simply because having to put a lot of effort into something during hours is mentally (and physically, obviously) too demanding. Food usually helps with that, so stay hydrated and fed :)