Figari airport to Porto vecchio / Conca


Posted: Mon, Apr 1, 2019, 17:24

I've been to Corsica 3 times on GR20 but never past Vizzavona. So this year I have found out I can fly cheaply into Figari at end of August. But only problem is I arrive at 2000 on a weekday night. Being realistic what are the chances of getting to Porto vecchio that night without paying out a fortune for a taxi. I doubt I can get to Conca without paying over 100e for a taxi, nearly same as flight. If I can't get out of Figari is there anywhere near there I can camp Knowing the transport system in Corsica I fear I will have to get the first bus out the next day and try and get to Conca from there.
Any suggestions or experiences of others appreciated. When I finish in Vizzavona I intend to get train to Ajaccio and ferry back to mainland, that's the easy bit as I can see boat and train timetables and work around them.