Mare e Monte route photos & video, April 2019


Posted: Mon, Apr 22, 2019, 20:09

Hi, I was hiking Tra Mare e Monte from Calenzana to Cargese 6.-12.4. 2019, 7 days.

Five minutes video here:

In photo album there is some daily route information (see comments).
This was a early season hike. No other hikers on route or sleeping in dormitores. Please do not hesitate to ask about route! -- I can not tell a lot about shops, cafes or bus traffic - viilages were practically closed.

Photos here:


Posted: Wed, Apr 24, 2019, 5:44

Video also in Youtube:


Posted: Thu, Apr 25, 2019, 13:00

I enjoyed looking at the images taken on the M e M….fabulous. Very crisp images until the weather altered.
I think that the air is much clearer in the Spring...we were there in June when the sun was very strong.
Did you camp on some occasions since many of the refuges seemed to be closed? We had a bivouac at the Bocca di Lucca to have a cooler nights sleep. On other occasions we camped in the back yards of several refuges but took evening meals inside the refuges.
We never met one of those wild looking black Porkers ….did he move away when you approached?
I do recall in 2009 that there was some burned vegetation close to Calenzana but nothing on the scale that you found. I too recall the heavily chained-up large, sad looking dog, at the small farm between Marignana and E Case.




Posted: Mon, Apr 29, 2019, 15:41

Thank you Gaffr! I always want to take photos about route, not food/beer/me. :)
Weather was not good whole week, but I am happy its was great in Girolata area.

I quess June/July hot times air could be a bit dusty? It was really clear now!

I slept in dormitores; did not carry my bivy. I made reservations beforehand; it was lucky because, despite plenty of empty beds available, I think the host would not be there without pre-booking! Nights were cool, near zero degrees, and also in dormitores it was very cool (those ones that did not have heating).

I saw a lot of Porkes - fathers, mothers and kids :). They were usually running fast away, only few of them were standing still and looking at me. I heard them even more often, at first a bit shaking because I was totally alone there, and I was a bit worried about popping in between mom/dad and kids. But no harm!

-That sad farm after E Case was not nice, they had many dogs in short chain, barking, and pigs screaming and waving their very small iron schak..

But it really was worth to go!