6 day hike from Corte to Piana

Michelle Ansell

Posted: Sat, Jul 13, 2019, 15:20

Hi all,

Some friends and I will be travelling to Corsica at the beginning of September and have put together a provisional itinerary. We would really appreciate any comments or suggestions on our plan, which is the following:

Day 1: Arrive early morning in Ajaccio and take train to Corte then taxi (?)to Scala di Santa Regina (staying at Casa Magdala)
Day 2: Walk through gorge to Calcuccia (stay at Chambre d'hote maison de charactere)
Day 3: Making our way to Evisa, wondering whether we can go directly or if it's best to stop in Vergio??
Day 4: Walk from Evisa to Ota.
Day 5: Walk to Piana(via old mule path)
Day 6: Beach day then travel to Ajaccio (by boat)
Day 7: Flight home 10am

Does this seem like a good route, or do you have any suggestions??
Also, we can't find train info for September. Does anybody know where we can find this, for our first day travelling from Ajaccio to Corte?
Finally does anybody have info on the boat from Piana to Ajaccio?


Posted: Sat, Jul 13, 2019, 17:00

Day 1: if arriving in Corte no later than 10:30am, you can take the minibus to Vergio right in front of the train station - just ask the driver to drop you at the Casa Magdala in the Scala, it should cost €10~12 per person. Or else, just catch a taxi, yes.

Day 2: from Casa Magdala you'll have to walk about 3 km along the tiny, windy road until you reach the start of the Scala di Santa Regina hiking path: it's all fine and pretty but beware of traffic...

Day 3: when you're at the Vergio hotel or pass (4 to 6 hours from Calacuccia), reaching Evisa is a matter of 2 to 3 extra hours, going by foot down the Mare à Mare Nord hiking path. You can make a decision once you reach the Vergio hotel. If spending the night at Vergio, you'll likely reach Evisa in time for lunch on the next day: it's a typical village with several neat restaurants.

Day 4: it's a short and easy walk (3 hours at most) down the Spelunca gorge: pack enough water from one of the fountains in Evisa, as the few sources along the path are of dubious quality if not dry.

Train timetables for Sep. 2019 should be available (online and in train stations) from mid-August. As for Piana to Ajaccio by sea, you'll have to contact the various companies and ask them if they can arrange it.


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