General Queries


Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019, 4:03

Hi All,

I am starting the GR20 in a couple of weeks and there is a couple of queries that I cannot find definite answers for so I’m hoping someone can help me out!

*I’m planning to use my own tent for the duration of the walk. Do I need to book the individual sites in advance?

*Do I need to pre-book transport (Bastia-Calvi/Calvi-Calzenzana) or am I safe to purchase a ticket on the day?

*Is there an issue with ticks (lyme disease etc) or are bed bugs the main concern?



Posted: Thu, Aug 1, 2019, 5:01

Hello... For using own tent at the overnights/refuges just turn up... Contact the person at the the fee and then find your pitch...useful to arrive early
Bastia is the terminus for the train so turn up buy a ticket at the station....usual to change the train at Ponte Leccia.

Not had any problems with insects....not ever stayed in a refuge...always seem full to the rafters.:-)




Posted: Fri, Aug 2, 2019, 5:57

Just make sure your tent is able to be truly free standing as this will make life much easier. No ticks over there (well not that I encountered), but suggest this late in the season you will get bedbugs if you stay in the huts.

My opinion, walk south to north, take a solar panel so you can charge appliances and walking this direction should help. Also, when I got to the end going south to north, I remember thinking that I would hate to be faced with the ascent on day 1 walking from north to south.

It's an awesome experience! by the end of day 2 you might be hoping for some cataclismic event to prevent you continuing but once you get to the end of day 3 your legs shoud be feeling a bit more used to it.


Posted: Fri, Aug 2, 2019, 6:47

All of the above, but I would like to get Monte Cinto behind me before feeling that the hardest parts were over.

Walking downhill from Piobbu to Calinzana is ten times better than climbing uphill.