Hiking North-South in October


Posted: Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 16:00


I am planning on hiking north-south starting in early October. I understand that many/most of the services won't be open but it is a bit hard to figure out where will be reliable sources of supplies in October. I was wondering which towns/villages near the route will still have open stores to resupply on food? Does anyone know if the smaller towns near the route will be open for resupply in early-mid October? Like Albertacce, Soccia, Cozzano, or Bavella? Carrying loads of food is fine with me but ideally I'd like to carry less than say 5-6 days worth at a time.



Posted: Fri, Sep 13, 2019, 13:20

Park Refuges on the GR will be operating till Oct 6th this year (staff will likely stay there a few days longer, as usual). Besides that, some hotels and other private accomodation selling some goods are open till around Oct 15 (Asco, Vergio, Vizzavona...).

From around Vergio, there's a fine supermarket open year-round in Calacuccia (it's a 3~4 hours walk from the GR, much less if hitching a ride); the other one is in Evisa, about 2 hours from the Vergio pass, but it's hardly ever open - probably not the safest bet. The same in Soccia. Between Manganu and Petra Piana, it's easy to walk down to the Grotelle car park and hitch a ride to Corte and its many stores. Vizzavona has tiny shops that remain open quite late in the season too (or you can walk half an hour to Tattone, there's a gas station selling some goods; or even a bit farther to Vivario, there are two or three stores there).

Not sure about Cozzano or Bavella as I have not been there for years.


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Posted: Sat, Sep 14, 2019, 14:19

There is a petrol station with shop in Cozzano, I'd expect it's open


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Posted: Sun, Sep 15, 2019, 9:08

The petrol station shop in Cozzano is a Spar and it is very good. You see it across a bridge if you follow the yellow route from Usciolu down to Cozzano. There is also a Proxi supermarket in the village and it is just as good as the Spar. Also a snack bar across the road from the Proxi. For the gîte d'étape, you can short-cut to it by turning right along a path before you reach the road. They have a little bar and a small place for camping. I like making detours into the villages!

Soccia just has a hotel and a bar open at the moment. There is no shop except for a charcuterie.The Merendella restaurant has already closed for the year. The cafe above the village is still open, but it closes at 1430 each day.

Bavella closes down after the summer. I think the buses might have already stopped going there.

I have been in Vizzavona in October and the only place open was the Casa Alta chambres d'hôte up on the main road. The train keeps running so you can always use it to go off-route shopping.


Posted: Sun, Sep 15, 2019, 10:41

In Vizzavona, I was thinking of the hotel-restaurant-refuge-campground-shop "La Halte du Prince", open from early April till late October. It's on the old GR20 variant though, close to the Vizzavona pass (rather than train station)


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Posted: Sun, Sep 15, 2019, 10:54

I don't think anyone has a firm date for closing. I think they just decide to do it one day. I once stayed at the Hotel Monte d'Oro when it was buried in snow, but when I went another time in October it was closed. The woman who runs the place was still at her reception desk. I don't think she ever moves! La Halte du Price was closed. The village itself was like a ghost town with only me there and everything closed. The Castellu hotel on the main road had an open door, but no-one came when I shouted for them. That's how I ended up at Casa Alta. I'm glad I stayed there as the owner told me about a new path that had been opened.


Posted: Tue, Sep 17, 2019, 13:48

Albertacce - no shop - you have to go another 2km down the road to find a little Proxi store.