Hiking South to North in July - 10 or 11 day schedule


Posted: Tue, Nov 26, 2019, 6:22


I reckon I've read nearly every post on this forum on this subject (and many more). Its been excellent. Many thanks to all who contribute.

I'm planning to go South to North in early July. Want to sense-check the schedule below and get feedback. I want to go fast but also enjoy it. I figured as I'm coming from Australia a couple of days chilling in Bonifacio / Porto Vecchio and starting from the south would allow me to ease into it a bit more than starting in the north.

I'll carry my own tent but eat at refuges as I go. Expecting to carry no more than 8-9kgs. I'm elite with regard to fitness and have hiked Annapurna, TMB, northern Peru, Everest BC amongst others. Not an expert but not a virgin either.

- Will I need crampons in mid-July?
- Is it possible to do Stages 1&2 together on the last day?
- Are there any other and/or better double ups?
- If I'm feeling good on any particular day it seems I can go a bit further quite easily since I'm carrying a tent and there are quite a few refuges?

Anyway, schedule below using the traditional route stops (in reverse) as prescribed by this website.

Day Stages

1 Stage 15 & 14
2 Stage 13
3 Stage 12
4 Stage 11 & 10
5 Stage 9 & 8
6 Stage 7 & 6
7 Stage 5
8 Stage 4
9 Stage 3
10 Stage 2
11 Stage 1

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Posted: Tue, Nov 26, 2019, 7:32

Hello.... I think that you can forget the additional weight of having crampons in your sack
There are stages that even I as an aged thought that I could do....been from both N and S but with both times allowed myself three weeks for the trips so no pressure... I am not a person that rushes to reach the salt water.
A very enjoyable walk...good company can be found at each night stop....in my opinion the easiest ones to double up on would be the final two when travelling North...but when there in good weather I was enjoying being there so.much that I stayed at Piobbu. I even stayed another night in Calinzana before unwinding when walking down to Calvi.for the train out to.Bastia airport.




Posted: Fri, Dec 6, 2019, 10:57

Not sure about the stage numbering scheme, but the first stage from Conca is quite lengthy at moderate altitude; might not be such a good idea to add another later stage to it, especially for a first day on unfamiliar terrain.


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