Parking in Bastia for 7 days


Posted: Sun, Jul 12, 2020, 21:22

Hello all!

Firstly, thanks to all the folks have who've posted Q's and responses to Q's - there's a wealth of great info on this site which I'm very much appreciating.

I haven't managed to find an answer to one of my Q's though so wondered if anyone has any advice - my partner and I will arrive in Bastia on the 31/7, at 7am on the morning ferry. We aim to take the 8:30 bus to Conca and will need to leave our car for the duration of our hike (6-7 days). I've spent a long time searching online for info on parking in Bastia but haven't found much relevant info.

I've seen one suggestion that there is free street parking near the SPAR which is close to Ecole Toga. Can anyone advise whether it would be acceptable to park for 7 days on the street? Or advice what various colour markings mean for street parking?

I'd also welcome any advice in general on how best to navigate around the transport - everything I've read indicates it's not easy - we aim take the bus as mentioned above, complete the hike by the following Thursday (6/8) night, and then take a morning bus from Calvi to Bastia on the 7/8 in order to take a ferry back to Sevona on the Friday (7/8) afternoon.

Does this plan sound ok? Are there any new considerations we should take into account in relation to covid19?

I know that we've set ourselves a huge task in trying to complete the GR20 in 6-7 days but we are both fit and experienced hikers who have experience covering 35-40kms a day with heavy packs. We'll aim to pack as light as we can and are expect some brutal ascents/descents!

Any advice/words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated!




Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 6:07

It really is going to be a huge challenge to complete the GR20 in such a short time, but if you're confident of your abilities then I just hope it works out for you.

I don't have any information to offer about parking in Bastia, except that it looks difficult in the streets between the ferry, the little bus station and the train station.

Transport needs a lot of care and attention. The bus station in Bastia is close to the ferry terminal and can be reached on foot in less than five minutes. It might take a lot longer to reach if you have to find somewhere to park, then figure out how to get there. It doesn't look like a bus station. It's just a handful of bus stops under some trees. When you find it, cross the road to get a ticket from the Corsicars office, which might still have a big Thomas Cook sign above it. (It did last summer, even though Thomas Cook no longer operates.) When I last used that bus, it was 1½ hours late reaching St Lucie, and none of the local taxis were available to go to Conca. Instead of waiting hours for the navette, I walked, but that took two hours. Be prepared for this to happen to you!

You have to get from Calenzana to Calvi, which usually involves a long road walk, hitch hiking or an expensive taxi. The bus goes from a stop near the railway station, and of course you have the option of getting a train to Bastia instead.

I have no idea if social distancing means that half the seats on the buses need to be empty, and that could be a big problem for you if there are more passengers than seats.

I have a feeling that your transport is going to be a bigger challenge than trekking the GR20 in a week!


Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 13:21

Just use the underground parking lot in Bastia, place Saint-Nicolas (it's the huge square in the city center, close to the port). Open 24/7, has surveillance cameras etc. A few minutes by foot from the port and from the train/bus station.

The price is about 15€ for a day, or ~30€ for a full week. I never parked there for more than a few hours at a time and can't tell how to get the long-duration ticket (whether it's a distinct parking space, availability at the payment station etc.). Just ask the staff there.


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Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 15:14


Thanks so much for the speedy responses! GRRR 20 - thanks for all the info re transport - the description of the bus stop in Bastia could prove invaluable if we are short on time (so very likely).

We've accepted that there is every possibility that it may prove too difficult (to complete in 7 days) in which case we will depart from the trail a little early in order to get back to Bastia in time for what will now be the the overnight ferry - we've decided allowing even 6 hours extra could prove fortuitous!

We are def hoping to hitchhike wherever possible however I can't help but wonder if covid will have provided people with sufficient fear to prevent them feeling so generous with their spare seats..

All that considered, it's still obviously going to be a huge undertaking and we've not got a lot of spare time up our sleeves for inclement weather. That said we are used to walking from around 6:00 - 21:30 so can certainly manage some long old days.

SQFP - thanks so much for the parking tip - that's great and that's def what we'll do! That will save us time (and money) as we'd also looked at airport parking which would have cost approx. 45 euro and been tight as we'd still need to get into Bastia for the bus.

It's all slowly coming together - one of the last decisions I'm considering is whether or not to purchase hiking poles - I've read countless reviews/articles/essays on the subject and it seems to be very much a matter of preference. We've never used them before (most recent alpine hike we've completed was AV1 in Sep last year, and had no problem without them, and that was at pace too) which could suggest it's not a good time to start now - although we're doing a double header and hiking the TMB before the GR20 so I thought it could offer the knees a little respite, especially for the GR20.

I should probably now concentrate all my energy on praying for 7 days of nice weather!

Thanks again for the great advice.



Posted: Tue, Jul 14, 2020, 8:19

to be honest, i would start planning alternative routes to shorten the trip.
I am pretty fit (i run 12 marathons /year) i am pretty comfortable doing 40 km/day hikes, but local weather conditions on corsica can be pretty brutal, walking 40 km in 30 degrees on rocky slopes is another matter.
so doing the GR20 in 7 days is highly unlikely...
starting from the south, chances are you will miss the most challenging north part of the GR20.
you might be better off starting with doing the north part, and adding some peaks to the route if you feel you need a additional challenge.