GR20 North - double up stages?


Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 11:00


My friend and I (two pretty fit late 20s year old chicks) have 7 days in august, hoping to hike either all or most of the GR20 north. Our options:


Day 1. Calenzana > Ortu di u Piobbu
Day 2. Ortu di u Piobbu > Carrozzu
Day 3. Carrozzu > Asco
Day 4. Asco > Tighjettu > vallone
Day 5. vallone > Ciottulu di i Mori > Verghio (good place to restock) > Manganu
Day 6. Manganu > Pietra Piana > l'Onda
Day 7. l'Onda - Vizzavona

Day 1. Calenzana > Ortu di u Piobbu
Day 2. Ortu di u Piobbu > Carrozzu
Day 3. Carrozzu > Asco
Day 4. Asco > Tighjettu > vallone
Day 5. Vallone > Verghio
Day 6. Verghio > Manganu
Day 7. Maganu > exit via to Bergeries de grotelle

things i am thinking about:

1. due to covid/bed bugs --> bring our own lightweight tent and then just buy food at refugios
2. we want to push ourselves physically, while also be able to swim in the lakes, enjoy the trail
3. combining phases together stresses me out a bit with afternoon thunderstorms
4. we want to not miss out on the best views key questions for the experts are:
1. which option make sense? (Right now my guts is leaning towards 2)
2. is there a 3rd that maybe we haven't thought about
3. anything else to consider?

thanks very much,



Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 11:14

I think your first four stages are fine and if you are very fit then you'll have time to enjoy the scenery and take a dip in the rivers. You will know by the time you reach Vallone whether you can double up stages. Getting to Vergio on your fifth day is something most trekkers do, and if you arrive early then you can continue to Manganu. Getting from Vergio to Manganu is normally easy, but it might not feel like that if you're trying to do it later in the day. If it works, then the stage from Manganu to Vizzavona is difficult for the first half, then gets easier, and as it's your last day I guess it doesn't really matter if you finish late and tired. The way from Manganu to Grotelle is mostly steep and rocky, but really great scenery, and you have those two lakes to look forward to on the way down. You could also walk from Manganu to Petra Piana then simply take the easy valley route all the way to Tattone, instead of doing extra climbing to reach Vizzavona.


Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 11:40

thanks so much! makes sense. you mentioned seeing how we feel after the 1st 4 stages...that sounds ideal, but don't we need to reserve all accommodation in advance?


Posted: Mon, Jul 13, 2020, 11:49

At the moment, booking your accommodation with the refuges is mandatory in theory, however it is not strictly enforced.
Nobody knows for sure what will happen in the coming weeks, due to a slow surge in covid cases and possible new sanitary measures. I would keep an eye on the local news (and weather), then decide about the schedule and bookings at the very last moment - a week or so before.

In most lakes swimming is a bad idea, or even already forbidden. Rivers are usually fine.


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