Can we manage it?


Posted: Sun, Apr 22, 2007, 14:55

Hi Marek,

thanks for this really good web-page :) We plan to visit Corsica in July and to walk along the GR20 from Calenzana to Vizzavona. As some others here, we're still not sure if we can manage it... I think we're both in a good fitness level, but I'm afraid we're not experienced enough. We regularly make quite long trips in Beskydy and Jeseniky (eastern Czech rep.). We also did some hiking in Ukraine (Zakarpatska oblast). With the heavy bags and tent we walked the West Highland Way (Scotland) last summer (7 days). And what's the problem: we don't know any climbing techniques... Do you think the GR20 will be OK for us? (I'm prepared it'll be hard but hopefully not dangerous...).

Many thanks :)