Shorter Versions of the GR20 North?


Posted: Sun, May 24, 2009, 4:30

Hi, will be in Corsica in late June,
we are looking at shorter versions of the GR20 North-due to fitness and time
Does anyone have any comment on the following ideas:

-skip the start by starting at *Bonifatu*-this is mentioned in the LP guide to corsica. The first day ends up near *Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu*
-or, start at *Asco Stagnu (Haut-Asco) * - it appears it is possible to access this area by transport. Does anyone know how hard it would be to get here. Is this a sensible option since it would be what we are looking for. Some info I found on this is below....

*Bonifatu - Refuge de Carozzu* There is a road from Calenzana to Maison Forestiere de Bonifatto and even a little further to Cirque de Bonifatu, where it joins the alternate route between refuges Piobbu and Carozzu.
*Asco Stagnu (Haut-Asco)* in the 3rd stage is reachable by car via D147 road from Ponte Leccia across Asco. Haut Asco is a popular ski resort and the trail head for climbing Monte Cinto, the highest peak in Corsica, so you can try hitch-hiking to or from there. There is also a bus line between Ponte Leccia and Asco.
*Col de Verghio* is a mountain pass on the D84 road from Corte to Porto (via Albertacce and Evisa) with a decent traffic. For details see the map of the 5th stage. A seasonal bus line from Corte to Porto crosses the Vergio Pass.