Transport challenge, northern part


Posted: Wed, Jun 17, 2009, 13:50

me and my girlfriend would like to do a few days of trekking along the GR20, in the north. It seems there will be some challenges when it comes to the logistics, though. In an ideal world we would like to start at Haut Asco, walk southwards for two days, and then leave the trail at Castel di Verghio (by the D84). The million dollar question is: Where should we park? And even more important: How do we get back to the car?
Any suggestions? Are there alternative legs of the GR20 where this is easier to solve? Or any roundtrip routes? (it's not so tempting to walk back the same way we came). We are prepared to do two to four days of walking, all in all.
Any ideas will be highly appreciated!