Gr20 South experiences June 2009


Posted: Tue, Jun 23, 2009, 17:29

Got back 5 days ago having completed the southern section Conca to Vizzavona, as well as one stage of the North section.

Some tips:

1. You can hitch hike easily to Conca from Porto Vecchio if you first walk to the roundabout near the supermarket on the east side of town.

2. If you can, do something to toughen up your feet in advance, everyone I met suffered from blisters, myself included.

3. If you're not in shape be prepared for 3 days of hell while your body adjusts.

4. Go very very light, I carried 5 kgs including tarp, sleeping bag and Thermarest mattress. Most people I saw looked like they were carrying at least 3 -4 times that much. If you don't know how to go light check out, or or for tips.

5. You can swim in a rock pool or enjoy a natural shower every day on the GR20 South.

6. You can buy basic provisions or a full meal almost every night at the refuges.

7. You cannot buy oriental noodles anywhere !

8. If a spring is marked on the map it exists, just make sure you don't walk past it.

9. Leave the rain trousers at home

10. Try sleeping under the stars. Leave the tent in your pack.