Please advise on what to pack on 8 day trek


Posted: Sun, Jul 29, 2007, 17:03

Hi, hope I can glean some good advice here.

My first trek and what ambitions! North part of GR20 Corsica. My buddy and I would like to trek around 8 days from the middle of the GR20 to the North from 11 August. We are both in good physical condition (he trains for the marathon and I just train). My biggest concern being female and petite is the weight of the backpack and how to keep it to the bare necessity and as light as possible. Other than that, I think my stamina is as good as it gets. Here is what I plan to take with me and would appreciate if an experienced forum member here would be so kind to countercheck and give some feedback.

35l Deuter Backpack : (do I need a bigger ?)
Firstaid Travel kit
Nordic Walking sticks (Telescopic)
2 Changes of clothing (one long pants, shorts, two Tshirts (Sports Tops), 2pairs of Socks)
1 Fleece Jacket
Poncho or is a rainjacket better ?
A pair of leather gloves (used in my gym for weight training)
Sleeping bag
Tent for two persons (packed by my trekking partner)
1 Handtowel and 1 Washtowel
Water 1.5l
1 All round Washgel (hair,body,clothing)
Daily ration of food (2 cans Tuna, Muesli Powerbars, chocolate, Apples, Glucose Tablets) - *assuming* I can top up daily at the refuges.
A pair of light slippers for at the end of the day
Camera ?
1 thin exercise book/pen
1 Penknife
1 small Torchlight

I have to admit I am nervous but at the same time optimistic and determined. I think if I can get my backpack situation as light as possible, it would be far more reassuring.

Feedback really, really appreciated! Thanks in advance.