Basic informations for rookie


Posted: Fri, Jan 8, 2010, 13:01

I plan to do the gr 20 in june-jully for 5-7 day trip, make the alternate trip (mare a mare) or only part of the gr 20. As state here ( the best part is 4-6-8-9-13-14, so starting the route in 3-4 and finishing 14-15 for a 7 day hike *question #1 : does it make sense ?*.

Hicking without camping is our way to go. We will pack light, basic food, energy bar, water and medic kit and maps. No sleeping bag, tent or cooking kit. *question #2: is it possible to eat and sleep in the camp/rest area along the route, is the sleeping sheets is supply ?, can we buy some food to remplace what we eat ?

Next thing, is getting in and ou the route, getting into point 4 and getting out point 14 (or anywhere else) is a solution to a shorter hicking trip. *question : HOW can we get from city to trail, and trail to city, bus taxi or just exiting the trail that is near village ?

Last but not least, we have a GPS, and will get cards, but getting lost is a probability, *question : is it easy to get lost, able to recover the route, any support ?

And the extra question, also based on the table here :, most of the route TIME from north to south is LONGER than the south to north route. Question : WHY, and for medium hicker is it easier to do the s2n route ?