A few questions


Posted: Wed, Mar 24, 2010, 20:19

Hello everyone. I am planning a GR20 trip in late May. I have some questions:

1 - Bed bugs
Several posts have been made that there are bed bugs in the refuges. What experience to people have here? Is this limited to late on in the season, or all seasons? Can you take some chemical bed bug killer? Or do you recommend we take bivvy bags?

2 - Booking refuges
Some posts here mention a booking web site. I have not seen such a site - can you provide a link?

3 - Gas and food
In late May do you think we will be able to rely on gas at the refuges? Will food be available?

I did the GR20 around 20 years ago with my wife. I am returning with 5 male friends as she likes hotel trips these days.

thanks in advance