Mare e Monti Nord


Posted: Thu, Apr 29, 2010, 21:17

Hey all,

I'm trying to plan/put together a budget to do the Tra Mare e Monti but I'm having a hard time finding good information on it. Have any of you done it before? I've got some questions:

1. How much food/water will I have to carry? Are there enough towns along the way that I can stop to pick up groceries/water for the day as I go along? I am on a budget here, are the dinner/breakfast meals available to those camping at the gites, or just those who have reserved beds? If it's the former, about how much does a meal cost?

2. I plan on camping. From what I've seen/read about the gites, a reservation isn't necessary to camp, right? Can anyone verify this?

3. How much does camping cost at the gites?

4. I've never done a long-distance hike like this before. I'm young, 20-something and healthy, with a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a high-quality backpack. Think I can do it?

Thanks in advance!