Getting from Bastia to Calenzana on Sunday 13th June

John Davies

Posted: Sun, May 30, 2010, 16:50

Two of us are intending to walk the Mare e Monti during the week. The transport logistics of arrival on a Sunday are daunting. Options include : getting to Calenzana by train and taxi on Sunday ( very expensive and late in the evening); hiring a car and driving there; getting the train to Ajaccio and getting an early Monday bus to Cargese to reverse the route; getting a train to Corte then walking The Mare e Mare Nord to Marignana and joining the Mare e Monti there, finishing up at Calenzana.
We arrive at 10.30 ish on Sunday 13th at Bastia. If anyone else is scratching their heads about getting to trail heads and would like to make contact then please do so. There might be the opportunity to share car or taxi for some/ all of a route.