Huts, access


Posted: Wed, Jul 21, 2010, 11:09

One last querie for now. I would love to do the North part of the GR20 next summer. However as I do more research I'm starting to wonder about a couple of things:

1. Access seems difficult and expensive. According to 1 post, it cost 160 Euros for 3 people to get to the starting town from the airport. That seems outrageous to me. We're Canadian and only 2 people, and that's a lot of money for us. Any cheaper ways to get to the start, and away from the finish?

2. I like to hike with a light pack, so on doing a superficial info check, the GR20 seems great with huts and food available. However, upon further perusal of this forum, and the National Park website, it seems as though there are fleas, as well as noisy, smelly, ultra crowded huts. Are there alternatives to the flea ridden huts? I see that after stages 3 and 6 there seem to be alternatives, what about the other nights? Are the alternatives also flea ridden?