Cases of suspect gastroenteritis


Posted: Wed, Jul 21, 2010, 18:32

This problem had occurred to me when I first did th GR 20 north some ten years ago ( I suffered from a light case of dysentery between Col de Vergio and Mananu).

This time though it struck me the night I slept at Manganu. I threw up 4 times, felt nausea and wasn't able to eat for the following 48 hours!!! Plus after a day of complete rest at Manganu, the following day (when I resumed my trek) some virulent dysentery made my day miserable.

The day I stayed at Manganu I asked around, and found out that I was not alone in this. Other people had had vomit the night before and other had suffered from dysentery as well.

We tried to pinpoint the origin, but everybody had eaten different food so ... could it be the water?

After reading some literature about gastroenteritis I learned that the sickness manifests itself at least 24 hours after contagion. So I wonder if this issue is localized at Vergio or thereabout.

People don't seem to attribute much importance to this problem (or probably don't like to write about it), so I couldn't find any other threads on this forum.

Still I wonder if this is a case to raise a flag. What do you think?

Any other reports?

Thank you