Hotel accommodation on Mare a monti


Posted: Wed, Oct 6, 2010, 21:40

We have just come back from Mare a Monti Nord (Sept 10) we are a 50 ish year old couple and loved the walk but found the bunk house accomm rather tedious after a while. The hotel Cabannacia Tel :04 95 26 14 46
in Serriere made a fantastic rest from the gites, lovely pool , and really friendly owner who opened restaurant especially for us as it was near the end of the season. Obviously more expensive then the gite but if you are walking and not on a really tight budget- try it.

Gite Chez Marie in Ota was lovely, great food and really clean and spacious accommodation. We thought the gite at Tuarelli was grubby, unfreindly, husband felt sick the next day and we wished we had hiked on a bit to either of the hotels in Fangu.

We hitched to Calenza from Bastia and from Evisa back to Bastia with no problems at all.