Guardians, bookings, refuges, and local transport - frustrations of Corsica!


Posted: Sun, Oct 10, 2010, 21:43

I have created a GR20 Blog, with a bit of difference:

I have not tried to chart my day-to-day GR20 in great detail. Many others have done this better than me.

But I have tried to raise some points about some big issues on the GR20. How about rude guardians, out-of-condition refuges, terrible public transport, the booking systems and the seeming ambivalence of the Corsicans toward the walk and its walkers, for starters!

I am not trying to be negative - I really enjoyed the walk - but I was extremely frustrated by how much better the walk could have been. If we just turn up on the GR20, and except the way it is run, we can never improve conditions for future walkers.

I have even tried to suggest that Paddy Dillon - is he reading! - starts to take a stronger stance in his book regarding some of the GR20's deteriating aspects.

Do let me know what you think - maybe we can get a campaign going!