Train Strike


Posted: Mon, Jun 20, 2011, 7:34

When I left Corsica two days ago the train strike was in full effect, not sure what the situation is now but there is a bus going to Calvi from Bastia and from Calvi to Calenzana:

"Le Beaux Voyages"

TO/FROM CALVI (leaving from round about at the train station in Bastia and in front of the Post Office in Calvi)
until 30th June

Calvi 6h30 -> Bastia 8h45
Bastia 16h30 -> Calvi 18h30

Tuesday to Saturday
Calvi 7h15 -> Bastia 9h30
Bastia 12h15 -> Calvi 14h15

1th July - 5th Sept (Two services every day)

Calvi 7h15 -> Bastia 9h30
Calvi 14h00 -> Bastia 16h15

Bastia 10h30 -> Calvi 12h30
Bastia 17h00 -> Calvi 19h30

Monday to Sunday

Calvi 14h30 -> Calenzana 15h00
Calvi 19h30 -> Calenzana 20h00

Calenzana 15h00 -> Calvi 15h30
Calenzana 20h00 -> Calvi 20h30

Hope this helps!