Baggage Handling Problems at Gatwick North Terminal


Posted: Sat, Jul 30, 2011, 12:31

Hi all,

Just a quick good luck to anyone flying out to Corsica (or anywhere else for that matter) from Gatwick North Terminal this weekend.

Had an e-mail yesterday saying that they wouldn't be able to guarantee that our bags will make it onto the plane, but they'd "make every effort" to get them to us as soon as possible if that happens! As a precaution, please pack any essential items in the hand luggage....

Firstly, i'm pretty sure if i'm going to have to carry everything i need for 3 weeks on my back - it's all pretty much essential!

Secondly, i wonder if easy jet will be willing to catch us up in the mountains to reunite us with our belongings?!

.... Didn't want to make this too easy anyway...